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Find Your Perfect Used Crusher with Primary Plant Ltd

For those in the construction industry, crushers are an essential piece of equipment. Whether you’re a quarry company looking for reliable used crushers to add to your fleet or a business owner seeking the right machine for your project, Primary Plant LTD has you covered. With decades of experience providing new and used crushers to customers around the world, they can help you find the perfect solution.

Why Choose Primary Plant LTD?
Primary Plant LTD is known as a worldwide supplier and procurement specialist when it comes to machinery used in quarry-related markets. The company stocks an impressive selection of second-hand crushers from top brands like Komatsu, Caterpillar and Metso, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality at a great price. Plus, their team of experts is always on hand to provide advice about what type of crusher would be best for your specific application.
Impact Crushers
In our professional opinion, an impact crusher is the best choice for most concrete or asphalt recycling applications. Impact crushers involve using impact rather than pressure to reduce material size. This is done by free-swinging hammers that are mounted on a rotating shaft within a housing unit. The force generated by these hammers smash materials against breaker plates causing them to shatter into smaller pieces. Impact crushers offer maximum reduction ratios of up to 1:40 with minimum fines production and low dust levels making them ideal for construction sites where noise must be kept low or debris needs to be recycled quickly and efficiently.
Cone Crushers
Cone crushers are less common in recycling applications but can provide excellent performance when needed. Their basic crushing chamber shape is a cone whose open top accepts rock before squeezing it between its walls until it breaks down into smaller pieces. Cone crushers offer lower reduction ratios than impact crushers but they don’t require as much energy input during operation making them more efficient overall when working with hard or abrasive materials such as concrete or asphalt recycling projects.
When it comes time to find a used crusher for your next project, look no further than Primary Plant LTD – the worldwide supplier and procurement specialist for new & used equipment in quarry related markets! They stock an impressive selection of second-hand machines from top brands like Komatsu, Caterpillar and Metso so you can be sure you’re getting quality at an affordable price point. Plus their team of experts will help guide you towards finding the perfect machine for your specific application whether that’s an impact or cone crusher! Visit our  website today to get started!


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